The most important thing to know about Fatigue in the Modern Campaigns games is that it refers to Combat Fatigue, not simple physical fatigue. Physical fatigue refers to the simple physical state of being winded, tired, or sleepy. As such, physical fatigue can accumulate quickly through exertion, but is relieved through rest and sleep, normally in a matter of hours. However, men and machines cannot keep going 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For that reason an Optional Rule has been created to encourage players to rest their units during night turns.

Combat Fatigue refers to a much more persistent state that accumulates through combat. Combat Fatigue reduces the fighting ability of the unit until it reaches the point where its will to fight has been lost. As such, Combat Fatigue is not relieved through short periods of rest, but rather takes much longer periods to recover from. In addition, for units involving vehicles, Fatigue also represents effects of wear and attrition with respect to the vehicles. Against, this is an accumulative factor that has a detrimental effect on the fighting ability of the unit. It includes things like tread wear, turret malfunctions, broken sights, and things like this that require parts and repair to restore to good working order.

Fatigue Levels

Fatigue values range from 0 (none) to 300 (maximum). In addition, these values are broken down into five special cases:

  • No Fatigue – Fatigue 0.
  • Low Fatigue - Fatigue from 1 to 99.
  • Medium Fatigue - Fatigue from 100 to 199.
  • High Fatigue – Fatigue from 200 to 299.
  • Maximum Fatigue – Fatigue 300.

In general, Fatigue affects do not start to occur until the unit has reached Medium Fatigue. And in general, units at Maximum Fatigue have almost no combat abilities left.

Fatigue Accumulation

Fatigue is gained from losses in combat. The factor used to determine Fatigue accumulation depends on the size of the unit.

  • For Battalions, the Fatigue accumulation factor is 2.
  • For Companies and Platoons, the Fatigue accumulation factor is 6 (When 2 Companies are Combined, the factor is 4 and when 3 or more Companies are Combined, the factor is 2).

Losses taken from fire and from defending in assault range randomly from 0 up to the factor times the loss value, in men equivalent. Fatigue taken from attacking in assault is double normal values. For example, an infantry battalion that takes a loss of 15 men from fire will gain Fatigue from 0 to 30. Likewise, an infantry company that takes a loss of 15 men will gain fatigue from 0 to 90. Fatigue is applied against the nominal loss before it is converted to vehicles or guns. This means that a tank battalion that has a nominal loss of 20, resulting in a tank loss of 2 vehicles, will gain Fatigue from 0 to 40. It also means that a unit based on vehicles or guns can gain Fatigue without suffering a loss.

Quality Fatigue Modifier

Under the Quality Fatigue Modifier Optional Rule, the fatigue a unit accumulates is modified by a factor that depends on the unit’s quality as follows:

  • A Quality – 1/2 normal accumulation.
  • B Quality – 2/3 normal accumulation.
  • C Quality – Normal accumulation.
  • D Quality – 5/4 normal accumulation.
  • E Quality – 3/2 normal accumulation.
  • F Quality – 2 normal accumulation.